Silly Ice Cream

  • Ship Store and Serve like novelty ice-cream                        
  • Deliver Silly Ice Cream with your novelty items
  • Shelf stable up to +10 F°/ -12 C°
  • Proprietary formulas
  • Proprietary equipment
  • Custom flavors
  • Yogurt, water ice, sorbet and ice-cream formulas
  • Cryo flash frozen ice-cream expertise
  • The U.S.A’s only nationally distributed Cryo Ice-Cream
  • 11 years of experience in product handling
  • highly profitable
  • First mover advantage
  • Minimize new product launch risk
  • Silly Ice Cream – unique, kid friendly and fun 

Founded in 2005, Silly Ice Cream provides a turnkey solution to dairy companies for the manufacture and sale of new and exciting Cryo ice cream products. With proprietary know-how, expertise, equipment and technology, Silly Ice Cream offers ice cream companies the opportunity to add a novel, exciting, and highly-profitable line of ice cream products to their existing product offerings. By offering a proven and proprietary, end-to-end solution, we minimize new product expansion risk and accelerate time to market resulting in immediate returns on investment and competitive market advantages for our partners. Ship, Store and Serve like any Novelty Ice Cream product.